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  • Pure Shooter

    Learn to become deadly shooter from anywhere on the court
    • Four videos guaranteed to improve your shooting
    • Specific moves and drills to try at home on your own
    • Fundamental skills to have a pure shooting stroke
  • Ankle Breaker Moves

    Leave your defenders in the dust with these moves
    • Keep your defenders guessing and leave the audience in awe
    • Learn how to get to your favorite shooting spot
    • Moves to create a high percentage open shot
  • Get a Tight Handle

    Learning to handle the ball under pressure
    • Dribbling skills to get out of any situation
    • Learn how to dribble through contact
    • Dealing with constant ball pressure
  • Quick At-Home Conditioning

    Workouts to outpace your competition
    • Short but effective workouts
    • Become an athlete with a never-ending motor
    • Drills to build your basketball endurance
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